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We design projects and evaluation frameworks to make measurable impact!
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Who we are

We design projects and evaluation frameworks to make measurable impact.


TIDEA is an independent professional organization that designs and implements high impact interventions, focusing on nexus between research, entrepreneurship and environment.


Our mission is to enable collaborative ecosystem for research-driven business and innovative research centres in Western Balkan countries, thus contributing to sustainable socio-economic development of this region.


TIDEA focuses on process-driven consulting for SMEs and research organizations and builds custom frameworks to turn great ideas into tangible projects, products or services through: (i) idea assessment and funding opportunities screening; (ii) projects development and project cycle management under international grant programmes; (iii) technology transfer and capacity building; (iv) result-oriented monitoring and evaluation.


The TIDEA experts have consolidated experience in international work environment and a wide range of expertise and knowledge regarding the European Union and its development policies, programmes and funding schemes, as well the World Bank and UN development strategies; this is reflected in the high quality of our services and activities.

What we do

We provide our services using methodologies proven in real life with real clients. One size does not fit all - we carefully tailor our solutions to fit to your specific needs.


We perform analysis of your ideas and business processes from either existing data or we tailor and collect new data that will reveal relevant information - success rates prediction, RoI, savings.

Project Management

Using proven project methodologies we plan, organize, coordinate and execute projects of various sizes, from small scale short term projects to multi-year complex interventions involving numerous partners and stakeholders.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We create custom made monitoring and evaluation frameworks to measure processes, output, outcome and impact of your projects and initiatives. Have measurable results based monitoring and evaluation that will show you what you have really achieved beyound simple delivery of products and services.

Knowledge transfer

We facilitate transfer of entrepreneurial and organizational knowledge to business and innovative organizations in Western Balkan countries, improving efficiency and effectivenes, while reducing costs of operations.


We structure chaos of ideas into implementable project frameworks in cooperation with excellent organizations in Western Balkans region and EU to make a measurable impact in local ecosystems.


StartupDNA (un)conference for tech savvy people with entrepreneurship in their blood! StartupDNA first edition was in 2014, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2017 it is two day event involving international knowledge sharing and face to face touts with top of the game entreprenurs.


Morocco Research Advance in ICT for Water (MoICT) project aimed at the Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University (USMBA) of Morocco co-operational and technical capacities strengthening to reinforce the ICT for water research and application in the context of the European Research Area and development of research centre of excellence to respond to Morocco’s socio-economic needs.



ORNIthology represents birds while BA stands for Balkans, expressing not-tied-to-country-borders nature of the bird species migration and need for joint interventions to answer specific bird diversity decline problems. ORNIBA aims to contribute to preservation and valorisation of birdlife diversity in the Adriatic Flyway migration route via Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro.



Three Valleys project aimed to develop and strengthen sustainable eco tourism in three valleys of rivers Neretva, Drina, Una and Sana in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The pilot initiatives were carried out to improve the eco-touristic offer, reception and accommodation services, while giving a particular attention to networking activities in order to establish relationships and synergies between tourism stakeholders from both entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Three Vallleys

RNBL' 12

Researchers’ Night in 2012, organized in Banja Luka, was the first one in Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with other 284 cities that participated in this traditional EU-wide initiative to promote ordinary people with extraordinary jobs under slogan "Science is Magic". Around 6.000 people attended edutainment activities.



The second BiH Researchers' Night in 2013 expanded to Banja Luka and Sarajevo, involving 12.000 people in the biggest EU-wide research promotion event. The main idea of RiNG.BA.13 is based on connection (RiNG) between otherwise separated units of BiH (.BA), uniting organizations from essentially different sectors with the one aim – to build a bridge between researchers and “normal” people in 2013 (.13) with references to horror elements (RING, 13) under slogan "Science is (not) a Horror".

RiNG 13

RING. 14-15

European Researcher's Night in 2014 - 15 in Bosnia and Herzegovina will see evening sky and city lights of Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Mostar and Bijeljina. Event is constantly growing and this year we are setting up real-life roadmap to focus people's attention on navigation through science, research and innovation. Join us this year and "Sign for Science"!

RiNG. 14-15

RiNG.BA 16-17

"Start chain reaction" is motif for Researcher's Night in B&H for two years, as the event expanded to Travnik and Goražde in addtion to Banja Luka, Sarajevo, Mostar and Bijeljina. Event is getting better by year and as we continue to bring attention on science, research and innovation.

RiNG.BA 16-17

Let's talk

You have an idea? We are here to support you. Let's talk and turn your idea into reality.

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